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Azelis @ Nexus One

HW Design & Build

Project Information

A vibrant yet serene atmosphere in blue hues aims to create the balance and harmony of trust, productivity and innovation.

The overall lineworks of the space are kept clean, simple and functional spaces with varying ergonomic considerations fully factored in.

While promoting an active, bright and energetic workspace, behind the scenes comes with modern technology integration to bring together a cohesive and dynamic workforce.

While the interior provides areas for communal collaboration and cluster of spaces for more focus sessions, being energy efficient and eco-conscious in value keeps the space designed in many ways fostering openness and ensuring ample natural light cascading through the windows.

The colours help define the zones and set the mood and tone for each area of work, allowing itself to facilitate in helping staff focus, and concentrate more efficiently. As such, improving overall productivity, energy and synergy between co-workers.

Designed by HW Consultancy

Construction: HW Construction

Location: 1 Fusionopolis Link, #06-03 Nexus @ One North S138542

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