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Lady Wu Private Room

HW Design & Build

Project Information

The Oriental-style private KTV suite offers an immersive experience in association to the Chinese culture well providing entertainment.

The frescoes and rich red unforgettable accents, among other things, create an atmosphere of elegance and authenticity. High-quality sound systems and the latest technology ensure a top-tier audio and visual experience.

Rooms are designed to encourages lively gatherings with comfortable seating arrangements and ample space for movement related activities. Whether for celebrating special occasions or simply enjoying a night out with friends and family, the private suites are also available in providing an unforgettable fusion of traditional yet luxury experience.

We welcome you to Lady Wu, where Oriental traditions are redefined with entertainment.

Designed by HW Consultancy

Construction: HW Construction

Location: Attic level, 11 North Canal Road, The offshore Building S048824

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