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Always with you

Apart from design & build, we also do build for projects that already have a design. We also support clients with design but requires drafting expertise to covert them into technical drawings. 

As a matter of fact, our team goes beyond just completing your project, we have a service team ready to help you maintain your completed project year after year. Below, you can see the range of services we have pioneered over the years, just for you, because we are always with you.


Interior Design Service

Concept | Schematic | Branding | Visualization

Experience allows us to excel in what we do and to exceed client expectations. Being responsible is what we are to ensure that you have a worry-free experience, always being able to communicate with the same person from start to end. This is why even after 10 years, we are still the recommended ones to help build your dreams into reality.


Construction & Project Tender

Project Build Tender | Construction Coordination

Having an all-in-house construction team means we are fully capable of building your dreams into reality without you needing to worry about external parties. Our project tender team is always mindful of your interest at heart, as this is how our trust forms friendships with our clients over the years, ensuring that your investment is well taken care of.

interior design consultancy space planning 3d visualization schematic material branding concept
build tender project costing bill of quantity project construction coordination

Drawing Drafting Service

Site Survey | As-Built & Shop Drawings

Our technical team and specialist are always ready to take on the next objective regardless of how high the bar is. We will help you achieve your aim by sorting out all the necessary technicalities and drawings, including your as-built drawings, to ensure you get back that renovation deposit. 

craft kitchen.png

Custom Craft Works & Fabrication 

Customized Works | Metal Works | Carpentry Works

Our fabrication factories ensure that your carpentry and metalwork are all fabricated in-house; thus, you do not have to worry about external sub-contractor issues that you commonly read about online. In addition, we can custom fabricate unique items for your project and one-off items as well.

Drafting As Built Drawing Custom Work Fabrication Site Survey
Craft custom work fabication
HOMEWORKS services repair handyman works movers.png

Project Maintenance Team

M&E | Aircon | Plumbing | Electrical | Repairs

Our maintenance crew is here to service your projects year after year. We have a record of your project specification, so it is easy for us to help you do repainting, plumbing repairs, electrical addons, M&E aircon servicing, and more. Thus you no longer need to search for any external contractors, as we can cover all areas for you at a phone call away. 


General Public Services

Reinstatement | Demolition | Repairs | Movers 

We have a service crew around Singapore to provide services to the public. Whether moving furniture for house shifting, relocating of office, general electrical, plumbing, repair, or handyman works, we got you covered. You might have even seen our fleet of transport vehicles bearing the HW logo on the roads in Singapore as well.    

Project Maintenance M&E Aircon Plumbing Electrical Repairs General Services
Public services reinstatement demolition repairs maintenance handyman works driver delivery movers

Seen by others

The jobs we have completed, and everyone from all walks of life, see the expectations we have met. So, rather than talk about them, you can check out where they have been featured, so as to speak.

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