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Columbus Coffee Co

HW Construction Build

Project Information

Simple, bright, and yet stylish, to bring these elements together for the benefit of its customers is Columbus Coffee Co. Located at Upper Thomson Road, the unit is embraced by multiple large glass panels that sit between its outdoor and indoor dining areas, yet, allowing visual connection to be seamless between both interior and exterior.

Within the interior, intelligent choice and integration of furniture of various styles and materials were carefully curated, selected, and then placed in varying areas, creating zones that no longer require walls or partitions to define them. These zones are identified through their composition of furnishing types, from clean, to modern, simple classics to comfortable plush setup, and in this project, everything is carefully balanced where all come into harmony as one space.

And for the finishing touches, warm strategic lighting adopts the interior's greenery, which is purposefully placed in areas with careful consideration of framing up its views, further adding to the calmness that allows diners to relax and enjoy their meals. Overall, a simple, clean setup, yet full of intricate thoughts, that ties every element together, providing comfort away from the busy lifestyle that has since plagued us, perhaps truly, where less is more.

Construction: HW Construction

Designed by: Hui Designs

Location: 220 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574352

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