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Country Park Condominium

HW Construction Build

Project Information

Designed to be not overly luxurious; yet comfortable like a first-class lounge suite, Country Park residence is a project that speaks of meticulous planning and careful composition.

A curated selection of fine marble slabs that meets the design expectation juxtaposed against fine timberworks presents a brand new character to the space forming the overall composition.

While with character, using fine detail elements such as louvered lines and portal enclosures, complete with a delicate touch of glazing composition, allows spaces to be ingeniously connected yet unintrusive.

The finale greets the occupants with a touch of nature of an outdoor space carefully integrated with a darker palette of materials for ease of maintenance; thus, you spend more time enjoying than maintaining while surrounded by what nature offers.

Designer: Jay Loo

Construction: HW Construction

Location: 37 Bedok Road, Singapore 469565 #HWdesign #HWConsultancy #HWConstruction

#SingaporeInteriorDesign #InteriorDesignRenovation #Sginteriorrenovation

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