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Seng House Tanjong Katong

HW Construction Build

Project Information

Bold or simple, dynamic or classic, one wonders if they can have both. While others may have a preconceived notion that such a space would probably contradict, Seng House delivers a surprising outcome that shows how wonders can come together.

On the exterior, the light and dark flooring composition move human traffic without physical barriers. While the somewhat colonial-like facade comes into contact with elements that interesting nest themselves within.

Some may find these elements familiar, yet unable to narrow down the actual term of what it is evoking your senses, while you question the familiar element on its presence.

The connection between the exterior and interior is formed with a series of grid-like glass panels in modern black frames, yet again, a subtle yet defined color evokes that familiarity which seemingly ties in with the natural greenery setup along the section as though they were integrated naturally.

Within the interior, clean lines and spacious composition of spaces that one may perceive as minimal are yet again re-introduced to one's mind with materials that would have one's visual senses yield towards it.

Familiarity within unfamiliar experience may just sum it up, where we visually associate with our minds yet wonder with our senses, neither is it retro nor heritage, not modern either. A unique and pleasant contradiction maybe, but as you ponder over your experience, you might just start to wonder, what made them come together.

Designed by Hui designs

Construction: HW Construction

Location: 214 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437007

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